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Hi I'm Gabby.

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I remember when I first found his tumblr 2 years ago through FYFC. Haha oh gosh. He looked like the biggest k-pop boy ever, yet I secretly fangirled over him because I thought he was the most attractive guy I have ever seen. So I clicked his link and stalked his blog only to find out that he was “tumblr famous” lol jk not really. He just had a lot of fan girls raping his inbox. But nonetheless I followed his blog not really expecting anything. A couple days later fumblr tamous boy followed me back :3 Yes, I did freak out a little but not to an extreme extent. It made my day. Months later he randomly posted a simple “Hi” in a text bubble. While I was scrolling I stumbled upon the post and out of my severe boredom I decided to reply. I simply said “hi” back. Right from that point a whole new story began. Crazy, isn’t it? A few minutes later I received a message in my inbox and he started a conversation. It lasted for the night which started again in the morning and lasted the whole week that went on for months. Initially yes, we met on tumblr but there has been so many coincidences that happened to us. Our first encounter was D-Con in San Jose. We never really planned it. We knew from a previous conversation that we both were involved in Key Club but that never occurred to us that it was a perfect meet-up plan. I honestly wanted to go because I had friends who convince me to go. He just happened to go on the trip too but I forgot his reasoning. When we found out that both of us were going we were stoked because it was our chance to finally meet each other face to face but I just saw it as a perk of D-con. When we saw each other we literally ran and slammed into each other. Even though it was painful, I was filled with an immense amount of joy. After D-con came to an end, a couple months later I made a trip down to San Diego to visit family. Since I was in the area, I had an urge to meet him again so I invited him to my aunt’s house. We literally did nothing but sit and talk (Top picture) but we had that friendship wherein we could sit in one place and do nothing at all but still have so much fun. Our friendship remained strong regardless of the distance. It was funny because a few weeks after I returned home, I got a text from him telling me that my aunt was at his house talking with his dad. Apparently my aunt’s husband and his dad already knew each other and attended Chinese school together when they were younger. I took this coincidence and used it to my advantage. Each time I would visit my aunt or brother in SD, I’d make a short visit to see him. Later on after constant visits between the both of us, we realized that we could make it happen so he asked me the question one weekend when he flew out to visit me. Currently we’re 7 months strong and still going. Yes, it’s super difficult to maintain a Ldr and we’ve had our bumps in the road but we’ve learned from our past decisions and moved on. Forgive and forget is a saying my grandma tells me and I use that saying to mend our issues. I’m so happy I have him in my life. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I love you Khris Allen Go. I can’t wait to experience what the future holds for us. :3

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